Dew Tour | Toyota Challenge Vert Results

Andy Mac Breaks the Curse

Andy Macdonald has had one of the longest and most successful careers in pro skateboarding and is no stranger to the top of the podium, but in four years of AST Dew Tour competition one goal has eluded him, he had never won a Dew Tour Final before this weekend.

Macdonald finally set that right this weekend, winning the Toyota Challenge Skate Vert Prelims on Thursday, then carrying that momentum to Finals. He posted a flawless Run 2 score of 90.50 in Finals with a huge line including a 720 and several 540 variations.

“For me it’s like the Boston Red Sox winning the championship. I broke the curse,” says Macdonald, a Boston native. “It feels awesome. I’m so psyched, and I’m super psyched for Salt Lake City, the biggest crowd in four years of Dew Tour.”

Macdonald was in 4th place in the overall Dew Cup standings coming into Salt Lake City. His win at the Toyota Challenge bumps him into 3rd place overall and comes with an added bonus, free pass to the PlayStation Pro Finals.

“It’s a relief to get to skip Prelims and be able to just focus on Finals,” says Macdonald. “To be honest, though, I haven’t even really thought that far ahead. I’m just happy to be where I am right now and take my first win.”

Macdonald (90.50) just barely edged out Pierre-Luc Gagnon(90.25) for the win, pushing PLG down to 4th place in the overall competition. That’s bad news for PLG: Only the top three skaters get the free pass to Finals, so he’ll have to fight his way back in next month via the Prelims event.

“The first run I was just like everybody else, just trying to get a solid consistent run,” says Macdonald. “I held off on the 720 my first run, and I was in 1st but I knew I was going to get bumped out, and sure enough, had I stayed with the 88.00 on my first run I would have been in like 4th place or something. I’m used to that: 4th place is like my spot! But my 2nd run I put in pretty much everything I wanted to. I made the 720 and then did a 540 right after it. That was the big guns for me, and it paid off. This was the first time I’ve ever scored above 90.00 on the Dew Tour, and I just barely held off Pierre.”

Bob Burnquist finished 3rd, with a score of 88.25, collecting enough points to hang on to his 2nd place position in the overall standings. He’s now just 5 points behind 2005 and 2006 Dew Cup champ Bucky Lasek, and just 10 points ahead of Macdonald. Any one of them could take the Dew Cup next month, and PLG and 19 year-old Adam Taylor are also still in the running.

“I’m proud of all those guys,” says Macdonald. “Adam Taylor made his 720, and everybody skated well. I couldn’t be happier.”

AST Dew Tour-Toyota Challenge Results

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Salt Lake City

Skateboard Vert Finals

1st Macdonald, Andy 90.5
2nd Gagnon, Pierre-Luc 90.25
3rd Burnquist, Bob 88.25
4th Taylor, Adam 87.75
5th Lasek, Bucky 87
6th Dias, Sandro 82.75
7th Bastos, Marcelo 77
8th Hendrix, Neal 75.5
9th Halterman, Buster 68.75
10th Perelson, Alex 51.5

AST Dew Tour Current Standing

Skateboard Vert Points

1st Bucky Lasek 325
2nd Bob Burnquist 320
3rd Andy Macdonald 310
4th Pierre-Luc Gagnon 308
5th Adam Taylor 257
6th Sandro Dias 216
7th Renton Millar 202
8th Buster Halterman 186
9th Josh Stafford 165
10th Neal Hendrix 158

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