DGK ‘Parental Advisory’ Premiere Photos

The DGK Parental Advisory premiere went off last night at the Avalon in Hollywood. Lots of skateboarders, fans and chicks showed up to show their support. So much incredible skating went down in that video. Do yourself a favor and buy the DVD or buy it on iTunes when it becomes available. It will be well worth it. Below are some photos from the event.

-Aaron Smith

Derek Wilson, Kevin Romar and the Furnace Skateshop homies.

Here comes the team of the hour. Walking in a big group down the sidewalk with cameras and lights.

Making the walk through the crowd.

Cameras capturing their every move.

Stevie Williams and the boys.

People waited for a couple hours to get into the show.

At times it felt like I was getting into a club because of all the girls. I had to take a double take to make sure this chick had pants on. Also, check the girl in the camo.

More chicks all dressed up.

Team posted on the inside.

The theater was packed.

The DC crew made it out.

Sam Smyth and the Crailtap boys.

Mr. JR Blast Off

Don Luong, Taylor Smith and Stevie Perez.

DGK projected over the crowd.

Shit’s about to go down.

Everyone glued to the screen as the video plays.

Movie quality skits between each part.

DAMN! Video just ended and people went off.

Josh Kalis congratulating Lenny Rivas on a job well done.

Stevie and Kalis hugs. That’s a shit ton of history right there.


Mike Carroll congratulating Stevie.


Keith Hufnagel and Scott Johnson enjoyed the show.

Guy Mariano approved.

AM of the hour Derek WIlson.

Stevie getting told that if he leaves his own party he can’t come back.

Colin McKay made it out.

Good work Stevie and the rest of the DGK guys. Video was so sick!