Dickies Adds Jim Greco to Team

Dickies officially entered the skate game a bit ago with a team of raw rippers like Tom Grom, K Terps and Vincent Alvarez. Now they announce Jim Greco’s addition to the squad with this video where he’s the anchor and explains why the pants are so appropriate for skateboarding.

It comes as no surprise that a brand like Dickies would want to enter our little realm, but it’s odd that they’d choose to do it now instead of say…ever before?

Perhaps they’re taking a cue from brands like Carhartt that have full teams and have been putting on contests and other miscellaneous events throughout Europe for the past ten years or so and are now finally spilling over into The States (IE 5Boro x Carhartt collab).

Or maybe with American Retailers such as Sears and K Mart tanking into bankruptcy and closing up shop around the country, Dickies saw that we’re a big part of their target market and they could get to us directly by putting together a skate program and having the product in actual skate shops where a pair of $25 pants at full price seems a lot softer on the wallet than some alternatives.

Skateboarders are going to wear Dickies no matter what. Guys with clothing sponsors still buy them for shit’s sake. We have been wearing their product for a long time now, so it’s nice to see them finally hooking up some of our guys and getting them on the pay roll. Levi’s, Ben Davis, and Hanes White Ts, the ball is in your court now.