Don Nguyen

Prior to coming out west, what kind of goals had you set for yourself in skateboarding?

I really don’t like setting goals for myself, that’s too much pressure. (I’m) pretty much just trying to stay alive and skate non stop.

Between Hollywood, Hellrose, and Pig Wood, you’ve seen more than a few of your board sponsors fold. Did you ever question the possibility of skating for a living?

Yeah, that shit sucks, but i guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles ya’ know. No regrets though. All I wanted to do was skate and be around all my homies and that’s what I did and do. I wish Hollywood was still shakin’, those were some good times, they still are good times.

After riding for a few different Tum Yeto brands, how does it feel to finally be a part of the Foundation team.

I’ve always thought Tumyeto was the shit; especially the F. Through all these crazy times they still got my back. That means something ya know. The best though is when I go down there I don’t get any crazy wierd vibes. Everyone is chill, from the werehouse homies to Swank. Good looks on the boxes.

You must have a ton of footage from the last few years. What are you going to do with all of it?

I wouldn’t say a ton but I’ve got some stuff. I just did a part for 411 that’s coming out soon. Now I gotta’ start from kinda’ scratch and film for the next foundation goods. I’ve only got two months so we’ll see how that one goes.

What’s the best part of traveling with Duffel?

Nothing. Just kiddin’. He gets down on every spot. Sometimes he’ll be trying something gnarly and i’ll just be watchin’. He’ll say something like “man I’m being such a pussy.” Then I realize I’m just sittin’ around, that makes you wanna’ skate right there.

What can you tell us about the construction of the Hellrose Miniramp?

I’ve been traveling a bunch. Every time I get back there’s a new ghetto ramp. It’s the shit. I’ve only drank beers and watch them build. Good looks Rich and Rake.

You were Shogo Kubo in the movie Lords of the Dogtown. What was it like working on a Movie? What was the best experience and what was the worst?

It was fun as hell. The best is partying in the trailer and free food. The worst was wearing those damn shorts.

What was it like coming from Oklahoma and transitioning into the skateboarding spotlight with one leap down el Toro?

I don’t know. I was just skating. I didn’t think it was that cool. Iv’e ollied bigger stuff before that in OK. City.

What would you be doing if you never picked up a skateboard?

Who knows, taking over my pops pool hall?

Tell us a little about your dog.

Daisy lives in OK City and we got Molly in Echo Park. They are both pitts. Molly is J. Roy’s dog though. There kinda’ the same which is rad. I love em’ both the same, actually daisy is way tuffer.

What’s a good memory from Hellrose manor in its heyday?

Too many good times at that house man. Maybe destroying the house was the most fun. We had a “bring your own hammer” party on the last day it was there. Shit got wild and we got all the footy. Keep your eyes peeled.

What do you miss about Oklahoma?
My Mom, Dad and the fam, friends, that’s bout’ all, oh and my moms pork chops.

Tell our readers a little bit about The Death Squad and some of the key players in that crew.

TDS is all the Okla-homies. Terry, Dan, Therm the Bandit, Gabe and
Micah. There’s so many more but I can’t name them all right now. If you like good times then you’ll like the death squad.

Whats next for you?

Skate and destroy!, greenroomness… thats the future.