Danny Way Vs. The Great Wall of China

What started out as an attempt to push the limits of man and skateboard is turning out to be a chance for two cultures to come together in the air.

Danny Way is getting ready to attempt to break his own world record by jumping an 80-foot section of the Great Wall of China. It only fair that with skateboard manufacturers moving their plants to China, that we show them what we do with the product they build. Now that Danny is set on risking his life to push skateboarding, the Chinese Government is embracing this extremist from the West. The Chinese government has granted Danny permission to jump a section of the wall that lies just 20 miles from the Forbidden City in Beijing. This is a very culturally significant portion of the bridge, as it is the most visited section of the bridge. Athletes have always been able to bridge Eastern and Western culture. But, with the last attempt at jumping the Wall ending in a fatality, one can only hope that this ambassador returns in one piece.

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