Don’t Panic It’s Sabre

I cruised by the new Sabre Compound/shop today on 32nd Street in Newport. Brooke the owner told me to come down whenever, and I decided today would be perfect.

It’s a funny story because the last time I went to Sabre it was when they were located in Costa Mesa, and I totally forgot they moved. Anyway, so I headed to the Mesa and walked into what I thought was still Sabre and a bunch of people that work for some other company laughed at me. It was then that I remembered they had moved, which is weird because I was actually going to go to the grand opening party, but something came up.

Well anyway, Sabre Vision moved down to Newport Beach on 32nd Street, right by where Cordell surfboards and Blisss Magazine are. It’s a cool set up because they have a sick little store in the front where you can get some of the limited edition shades and what not, that aren’t available anywhere else.

Sabre’s doing things differently and they got some of the best shades out there. So if you like your Sabre Vision like I like my seared ahi, rare, stop by the shop, but remember Don’t Panic. If you are not in the area you could go to to find a dealer near you.






Limited Edition Tim Hendricks Frame. A closer look, FTW.

A closer look, FTW.