DVS Donates to San Pedro Skatepark

Hard times call for desperate measures, as a skater you always have your back against the wall with concerned citizens, cops and city officials coming down on you for something you love, skateboarding. In 2002, a couple of determined skaters in San Pedro, California were frustrated with what the city thought was an adequate skate facility for the city, and got to work on their own. Longtime residents of San Pedro, Andy and Rob saw the opportunity to take matters into their own hands and it happened to be under a freeway over pass.

Five years later the San Pedro Skatepark (Channel Street) has come a long way from the two pump bumps and quarter pipe that stood under the 110 freeway. Over the past five years, the word has spread about the new construction that had been going on and prompted some of the best skaters in the world to make the journey to the port town of San Pedro to check out this DIY skate park and get involved. Now with most of the park finished, you can see some of the best unknown skaters keeping it true to the love of skateboarding, or maybe you will see Daewon Song and local ripper Rob Russo tearing the place apart.

Just recently the SPSA (San Pedro Skatepark Association) reached out to the local skate business community in the South Bay for some donations to get the final phase of the park finished, stretching the park from under the bridge almost all the way to the street. With San Pedro so close, it has become a meeting place for some us here at Podium for lunch, the sessions are always good and it creates a buzz every time we come back to the office. With that said, we headed down there to see how we could get involved.

DVS and Matix decided that donating 1,000 square yards of concrete (about a $10,000 donation) to help finish this last phase of the park, would be the best way to stay in the skateboard tradition and give back to the skate community.

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