DVS Shop Liftin’

In an attempt to uncover some of the most amazing shop talent out there, DVS presents Shoplift’n—a shop video contest of epic proportions.

Here’s how it works. All DVS skate shops will receive a golden ticket to participate, but only the first 100 shops to RSVP will be eligible to compete. These 100 lucky shops will have the opportunity to produce a five-minute video segment highlighting the best skateboarding their shop team has to offer. Each team will have exactly five months to film, produce, and edit their footage. On January 31, 2009 each team will submit their footage to DVS. Once received each shop video will be meticulously judged by DVS team riders on the quality of skateboarding, cinematography, editing, soundtrack, and art direction.

The shop that produces the best overall video will receive custom DVS shoes, a DVS demo, and a DVS ad running in major skateboard magazine announcing them as the winner of the Shoplift’n contest. The lucky shop will also have their video featured on www.dvsskate.com and will have the opportunity to defend their title next year.

We know there’s a lot of shop talent out there. Lets see it!

Contest Dates:
Shops will be given exactly 5 months to complete their video.

Contest Begins: August 29th 2008

Contest Ends: January 31st 2009

Winners Announced: March 1st 2009

Video Details:
1. Each video is to be a maximum of 5 minutes. Videos over 5 minutes will be disqualified. However, feel free to go under 5 minutes.

2. All skaters in the video must ride for the shop and be of amateur status at the time of this contest. In other words, NO PROS!

3. All footage must be new. Please don’t re-edit and submit a condensed version of the shop video you put out last year. This is for your own good, if you win, you don’t want people calling you out on recycled footage. And even though you think we’ll never know, trust us, we will. We employ some full-blown video nerds.

4. All videos must be submitted by January 31st 2009 or sooner.

5. All videos must be in Quicktime Movie format and submitted on a CD or DVD depending on the size of the file. Please note, we do NOT want your video submitted as a DVD. We need it in FILE Format. Also, we need it in HIGH or FULL resolution, we’ll do the compressing.

Acceptable settings and formats for the video include:
*FINAL CUT PRO Self Contained Movie (Version 5.0 or higher)
*DVCPRO HD (various formats)

CD’s/DVD’s should be sent to:
DVS Shoe Company
Attn: Video Dept/Shopliftn Contest
955 Francisco St.
Torrance, CA 90502

Judging Criteria:
All videos will be judged equally using the following criterion below:

Quality of skating
Art Direction

The winning shop will receive the following:

*A Special SMU shop shoe (12 pairs) from DVS

*A DVS demo in the Spring/Summer of 2009

*An ad running in a major skateboard magazine (TBD) announcing them as the winner of the contest and will feature the shop’s SMU shoe and shop logo.

*A special mention from DVS and have their video posted on the DVS web site.

*Bragging rights and the chance to defend the Shopliftin’ title next year.

Each runner up (top four shops) participants will receive:

*2 pairs of DVS shoes
*2 T’s
*1 Hat

The Fine Print:

No shirtless skating. No colored grip or wheels. No seagulls, pigeons or doves (birds of prey however will qualify for bonus points, i.e. falcons, hawks, eagles and pterodactyls) No camera hits or lens smashes. No post-trick daps, hugs, pounds, high-fives, ass-pats a.k.a. “good games” or other traditional sport congratulatory gestures. No celebrity cameos. No Garage Band samples. No reggae. No J Mascis (this includes solo material and Dinosaur Jr.) No Metallica (unless Danny Way personally authorizes the usage). No sunset shots. No palm tree silhouettes. No first-person super-8 close-ups of the front of your board while bombing a hill. No film-burn transitions. No jump edits. No white or black flash frames. No black & white footage (sepia sucks too, we don’t want to see it either) No more than 5 pieces of flare per rider. No faux letter-boxed footage. No under-aged drinking, smoking or girls (we can make exceptions for the girls.) No bums. No bums fighting. No bums sleeping. No bums giving life-coaching advice. No skateboarding on or over bums. No kick-out footage (this includes police, security guards, good Samaritans, and overweight church employees) No car footage ala Fast and The Furious. No girlfriend footage (unless pre approved by our staff. Please send headshot and contact info to) No male nudity (this includes Bill Weiss). No blowing cigarette and/or bong smoke into camera’s lens. No fedoras. No trucker hats. No ghetto gowns (aka oversized white Tee’s) No dissolves. No fading to black. No “after black hammers.” No Jason Dill rip-offs. No lifestyle shots in front of brick walls. No mediocre shoeless tricks (remember Jamie Thomas lipslid a 13 sans shoes so your cute little hippy jump is not going to cut it.) No El Toro attempts without the accompaniment of the makes. No skating in the rain. No panning from the skaters face to his feet to start off a line. No use of rap songs produced by you or your homies. No pressure flips, ghetto birds, or under flips. And especially no back-foot flips. No Canadian fly outs (aka Fatty To Flatty). No Miller Flips. No more than 30 seconds of footage from you and your friends’ trip to Barcelona last year. No voiceovers of skaters telling their life story about moving to California to become a pro skater during slow motion pushing montages. No shots of getting bad tattoos. No bad tattoos, especially neck tattoos. No visible energy-drink stickers. No time-lapse footage of building ramps or bailing out pools. No shots of dogs during pool skating footage. No gratuitous “ditch” footage (we all know you can bluntslide, tailslide and pivot grind to fakie.) Contrary to popular belief, Benihana’s will be rewarded with bonus points. No professional sports team jerseys. No Osiris D3’s. No puce-shell necklaces. No white denim. Slow-mo’s should be limited to 7 total. No scarves. No visible iPod earbuds (headphones count too) No noseslide big spins. No shots of your local downtown skyline. No VX1000 footage. No VX2000 footage. No VX2100 footage. No 24P footage. No HD footage. No laughing. No smiling. No having fun.