Dwindle Go Skateboarding Day At Venice Skatepark

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Dwindle put on a crazy Go Skateboarding Day event at the Venice Skatepark. It was a mad house. So many people came out from local rippers, veteran shredders, pros, spectators, and even a hobo or two. It was pretty much a free for all and everyone was killing it. Forgive me for not knowing the names of any of the local talent.

This guy came out to support his bros even with a broken legs. That’s dedication right there.

Kids, airwalks and a ocean view.

This Mom was stepping up her Black Berry photo game with some action shots.

Your typical sightings at Venice Beach.

Nollie back heel with an ocean view.

Ryan Decenzo, Mark Appleyard and Adam Dyet hanging out and signing some autographs for the kids.

The local talents was killing it.

I don’t know whether to back this guy for having the balls to come to a skatepark during Go Skateboarding Day on these things or…

…post to the world him eating shit on them. Happy Go SKATEBOARDING Day guy.

This kids rips!

This veteran shredder was killing it! So happy to see him still out there ripping with this much style still. Goes to show there’s no age limit in skateboarding.

There might not be an age limit but I’m assuming slams like these hurt 1000 times more when you reach that age. Both of them were able to walk out of the bowl after this. It was gnarly!

This is 13 year old Pauleen. She kills it!

This guy was gnarly. He not only did the snake run and grinded the deep end with both feet in the middle of his board but…

….he did the whole run with one foot two. Go Skateboarding Anyway You Can Day!

Hobo loving the tunes put out by Red Bull and the action.

Have you heard of skate Dads? Well meet a skate Mom. Anything flys on GSD I guess.


Very very great tuck knee. Good job dude!

I’ll leave you with this chick mall grabbing out of the park in a bikini.