East Infection

Is this an Osiris tour, or is this the best time of my life?

On June 15th the Osiris team packed their bags and headed to Manchester, New Hampshire to kick of their “East Infection” tour. The whole team, except Diego, will at some point in time find their way into one of the two 15 passenger vans to leisurely make their way down the east coast stopping here and there for demos and poster signings.

The first night was spent just outside Manchester. Just down the road from our hotel Marius came across a gap to rail, which he decided he would give a whirl first thing in the morning on our way to the first signing and demo at Pioneers/Rye Airfield.

Within a few tries Marius landed the board slide and tried his hand at the back 50-50. 5 minutes later a horse cop came out from nowhere, gave us a formal warning- needless to say we were on our way.

Thanks to Pioneers skate shop, the demo was held at Rye Airfield, which is one of the best indoor parks I’ve been to. The park is huge and has everything from cement bowls to a monstrous street course. Some of the stand out tricks were Gailea’s switch back lip, Marius’s frontside flip on the vert wall, and Shuriken’s bigspin board.

Below you can find Shuriken performing the ever so popular backside over krook, Gailea switch back lipping, and Marius nollie krooking.

After the demo the team had a signing and threw out some product before we were on our way to Boston and a demo at Eastern Boarder the following day. After getting lost in Boston for what seemed like hours we found our hotel, showered, and went out for a midnight stroll.

After a few hours of sleep we met in the lobby of the hotel and piled into the vans. Like usual, we arrived to the Eastern Boarder demo a bit late. The team warmed up and kept the crowd pleased with tricks like Clint’s 360 flip tail grab over the pyramid, Garrett’s pop shove-it from flat to flat over the bank ramp, and Shuriken’s lofty backside flip from the wedge ramp into the hip. Rattray, Marius, Brockman, and Gailea kept the crowd pleased as well while they rifled off trick after trick. Again there was another signing and product toss before we made our way back to Boston for our final night. The next day we were to pick up Caswell on our way to Kingston, New York for the TSX demo.

Check out www.osirisshoes.com for tour updates as the tour progresses. The remaining tour stops are listed below. If you are in the area, please come by.

June 24th- New Jersey- Feet First- 1pm poster signing
June 25th- New Jersey- Heritage- 2pm poster signing
June 27th- Virginia- Virginia Beach Skatepark- 3pm demo
June 29th- South Carolina- New Generation- 3pm poster signing, 4pm demo
July 4th- Florida- Skatepark of Tampa- 6pm bbq & demo
July 5th- Florida- Finest Skateshop- 5pm poster signing
July 6th- Florida- Orlando Skatepark- 4pm demo