ELEMENT x KRABO ECOllaboration

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, push, or pedal. As part of Element’s commitment to the
environment and sustainable living, we’re proud to announce the release of a limited collection of handcrafted bicycles
built by renowned European bike-maker Krabo. Element will be auctioning off these bicycles to benefit environmental nonprofits
researched and approved by 1% For The Planet.

Element commissioned Krabo to hand-build five traditional, lugged steel track frames showcasing colors and detail directly
inspired by Element’s logo and true nature. The classic black frames are accented with wood wheels, donned with the finest
leather, and built up with premium components.

Krabo, short for Krautscheid Bochum, is a traditional bike manufacturer based out of Bochum, Germany. Founded in 1977
by Gnthrer Krautscheid, Krabo has been building custom frames for over 30 years — and impressively enough, the Element
collection marks Krabo’s 15,000th hand-built bicycle.

ECOllaboration is Element’s ongoing effort of partnering with friends to create projects that benefit environmental non-profits
researched and approved by 1% For The Planet.


Frame & Fork: Columbus Tube – Singlespeed Road – Krabo
Handlebar: 3 ttt Pista
Handlebar tape: Brooks
Stem: 3ttt Record 84 silver
Seat post: Procraft classic- silver
Saddle: Brooks Swift
Wood Rims: Cermenati – Cerchio Ghisalic
Hubs: Miche Pista
Spokes: Sapim Race DD
Tyres: Vredestein Ricorso black / brown
Tubes: Continental
Cranks: Miche Primato
Pedals: MKS Sylvan classic
Pedal cages: Christophe
Pedal straps: Brooks
Pinion back: Miche Pista
Pinion Front: Gebhardt
Chain: Miche Pista


Krabo (short for the name Krautscheid Bochum) is a traditional bike manufacturer based out of
Bochum, Germany devoted to building high-quality, handmade frames and forks to measure.
Founded in November of 1977 by Gnther Krautscheid, Krabo draws on a 30-year handcrafted
bike-making legacy and has built over 15,000 custom bike frames in the process. Bound by this
tradition, all Krabo frames are constructed based on the specific demands of each individual’s
biking needs.

As a former leading pro rider on tracks around the world and an avid participant in both cross
and road races, Gnther employs his rich experience and riding skill on a daily basis at Krabo.
His deep passion for bikes and materials has also earned him notoriety as one of the world’s
finest welding experts. Simply watch Gnther at work and you’ll realize that for him, welding is
indeed an art form — which is just one of the reasons why bike addicts and world champions
across the globe ride Krabo.

All told, Krabo has produced 15,002 custom bike frames to top standards for satisfied customers
worldwide. In fact, number three of the five Element bikes is Krabo’s 15,000th bike —a jubilee
made of ultra-strong CrMo. And not only are Krabo frames and forks superior — all the components
of the Krabo-Element steed come from premium bike-part manufacturers, from the
Miche Pista back pinion to the unique, Italian-made Cermenati – Cerchio Ghisalic wooden rims
that are more elastic on rougher and longer routes than their metallic counterparts.
Needless to say, each of Krabo’s custom-made Element single speeds has love, wisdom, and
experience infused into every last detail.
more info at: ELEMENT