Elias reviews Fast and Furious

Despite my gut instinct I decided that seeing Fast and Furious starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster was an okay idea. When I received a text Friday afternoon from a friend about seeing the movie that night I had no intention of going. Yet the realization dawned on me that my life, while great as it is, can be pretty boring. So boring that I might actually shell out $10.50 to watch Vin Diesel and Paul walker “act” while exuding homoerotic undertones every time they shared a scene. They had better romantic chemistry with each other than with any of the leading ladies in the movie. I really wanted the ending to be like the ending to the Notebook: the two heroes, old and grey, holding each other in bed, death’s cold embrace about to allow them to remain in each other’s arms for all eternity. But sadly that was not the ending.

If you like fast cars, slow to no plot and hot babes, then this movie is right up your alley. If not ,well then maybe Fast and Furious 5 will truly bring these star-crossed lovers together. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

– Elias Amini, Intern at Large

A possible trailer for the next Fast and Furious?