Emerica on Heroin

Emerica X Heroin Skateboards Francis Lo shoe collaboration from Emerica on Vimeo.

Mark ‘FOS’ Foster on the Emerica X Heroin Francis Lo:
“I’m stoked that we’re releasing our third Emerica x Heroin collaboration shoe. I’ve always loved that Emerica is just pure skateboarding, there’s no motocross or surf team and if you see someone wearing Emerica shoes you know that they skate. That’s why it’s the perfect match for Heroin Skateboards, a name inspired by commitment to skateboarding.
The shoe is a Francis lo, I’ve worn nothing but the Francis for about 3 years now, so I know it works, I always like perforated suede, seems to breathe a little better, and when they told me that I could make the soles different colors then I didn’t have to think twice, I tied it into our toxic waste themed stuff that we’re into with Heroin Skateboards right now.”