Escapist Red and Yellow Video: Photos

Kansas City’s own Escapist just released their new video, Red and Yellow . Here are some photos from KC based photographer Ben Hlavacek. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a Skateboarder Magazine exclusive Red and Yellow bonus video.

Escapist’s second full length video, Red and Yellow, is a strong offering of midwest skateboarding focused mainly in its hometown of Kansas City (as well as Austin, Atlanta, and more). Filmed and edited by Ryan Lovell over the span of nearly 4 years, the video features Ryan Pearce, Josh White, Sean Malto, Rod Harper, Tyshuan Johnson, Dillon Aguilar, Joseph Lopez, Josh Crane, Max Chilen, Connor McCroskey, Arthur Dachiardi, Garrett Olinger and more

Photo: Ben Hlavacek

Arther Dachiardi backside lipslide.

Tyshuan Johnson backside noseblunt.

Tyshuan Johnson backside flip.

Connor McCrosky noseslide.

Ryan Pearce frontside wallride grab out.

Rod Harper kickflip into bank.

Rod Harper frontside 5-0.

Max Chilen backside smith grind.

Josh White frontside 5-0.

Josh White backside lipslide.

Josh Crane heelflip bump over fence.

Josh Crane backside nosegrind.

Joseph Lopez firecracker through broke glass.

Dan Askew (one of the shop owners) frontside 5-0.

Corey Lawrence backside air.

Dillon Aguilar bump to crook.

Dillon Aguilar switch nosemanual.

Sean Malto nosegrind.

Check back TOMORROW for a Skateboarder Magazine Red and Yellow bonus video!