Etcetera Accessories From Ronnie Creager

I’m launching a new brand called Etcetera… We’re more of a necessities brand than an accessories brand! We’re making two insoles (Hi-Pro for crazy impact, and a Lo-Pro for more board feel). Both have what we call a “Primo Pad” which is to help protect your feet when landing Primo. We consider these a way of “upgrading” your shoes to help deal with what you’re about to do to your feet.

We’re also making an Ankle Stabilizer which is something I never skate without, but is usually overlooked by most skaters as something you could wear to prevent ankle injury. 

We’ve got some other products about to come out… One of which is called the “Wall Ride”.  It’s a small board mount that a skater can put on the wall to give their board a home. Etcetera is skater owned and operated and built with love for the skateboard community.

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