Etnies Holiday Festival 2012 Recap

Etnies hosted their ninth annual holiday festival and shoe donation at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest last Friday. Etnies riders Nick Garcia, David Reyes, Aidan Campbell and Alex Midler came by to give away shoes and to shred the park. Check out all the photos below.

Words and photos: Aaron Smith

Aidan Campbell switch crooks.

Skateboarder Magazine Editor Jaime Owens getting some back smith action.

Kids in line waiting to see Santa.

Each kid gets to hang out and get a photo with Santa.

The man, the myth, the legend; Etnies photographer Oliver Barton.

Etnies videographer Ricki Bedenbaugh getting in my way of shooting the kids getting free shoes.

Each kid gets a free pair of shoes.

Nick Garcia back in action after breaking his collarbone. He did this backside noseblunt with no problem.

Etnies team manager Jameson Decrew rips!

Alex Midler frontside noseslide.

Alex Midler throwing a kickflip into that frontside noseslide.

Aidan Campbell frontblunt bigspin.

Heath Kirchart made it out and get some good skating in.

Heath ollied over the gate just as Julian Davidson passed by.

Nick Gar blasting over the gate.

Nick Gar 180.

Nick Gar taking that 180 backside.

Dakota Servold made it out and over the gate.

Bro Style bro.

Kirchart blasting a kickflip over the gate.

Kirchart backside flip.


Heath ollie.

Dakota and Jaime.

Our Associate editor Christian Senrud giving a look that should not be made around kids, our Intern Nick Adams and Jaime Owens.

Good lord…


Kids are so hyped!

Lots of them wait in line.

Kids loving the Santa that can skate.

Santa ripping around the park.

Heath Kirchart fake punches Santa as Jeff Henderson watches.

Santa hyping up the kids.


Santa tries to grab over the gate.

“You got it Santa. This try!” – Kirchart.

Santa nails the grab for all the kids.

Etnies put together a video from the festival. Check it out below.