Ezekiel Northwest Tour Intro

Ezekiel Northwest Tour

Write up by Derek Fukuhara

No two tours are ever alike. Even if it’s to a familiar city, there are
always new spots to skate, unfamiliar faces to meet and new survival
tactics to learn. In this particular case the Ezekiel team set out from
the ASR trade show on a three week northwest venture. None of us really
knew what we were getting into but with per diem in our pockets, we
grabbed a seat in the van. The cast consisted of Mikendo “Pedophield”,
Randy “Marbles” Ploessor, Louie “Dungeon Master” Barletta, Joey Pepper,
Evan “Little Bunny” Smith, Jon “Noodles” Lupfer, Dave “Mclovin” Abair,
“NutZach” Wagner and myself the “Hippie Scumbag”. – Derek Fukuhara.

To read more about this trip.. Find the article in the new February issue of Skateboarder
Mag, with Louie on the cover getting looped out!

Check out the photos HERE.