Face Off | Daryl Angel vs Shane O’Neil

Who is Nike in Greek mythology?
She is the goddess of victory.

D: I think she’s some god or something right?
S: I have no idea. Jesus?

What company did Gino Iannucci turn pro for?
Black Label

D: Black Label
S: I would think Chocolate.

Which Nike SB pro had a shoe on Savier?
Brian Anderson

D: Brian Anderson
S: Brian Anderson

How many pro models did Koston
have while on S?


D: Didn’t he have like five or something?
S: Five possibly?

In what state is Skatopia located?
Who is the founder?

Ohio, Brewce Martin

D: I know this one. I watched a documentary on that place. Somewhere super shitty right? Ohio. Brewce Martin.
S: I think it’s in Utah, but I have no idea.
I don’t know much about that.

Name Brad Staba’s three previous board sponsors.
Foundation, Toy Machine, Enjoi. He also got boards from Chocolate between Enjoi and Skate Mental.

D: Enjoi, Chocolate flow and Foundation
S: F**k, I seriously have no idea. I don’t even know if I’ve seen footage of those days.

Describe what a Madonna is?
What is a BS Madonna called?

A Madonna is a frontside one-footed lien to tail
and a baskside one is called a Sean Penn.

D: Some sort of a grab or something. I don’t know, I don’t really do grabs.
No idea really. Nope.
S: I think it’s a nosegrab with your front foot off.

What was the tagline for Nike’s TV ad campaign in the late ’90s that depicted mainstream sports being demonized as skateboarding was at the time?
“What if we treated all athletes
the way we treat skateboarders?”

D: SWas it “Just Do It” or something?
I don’t think I ever saw those.
S: I think I saw the tennis one of those,
but I don’t remember the tagline.

Spell Gino’s last name.

D: I-N-A-N-U-C-C-I
S: I-A-N-N-U-C-C-I

Daryl Wins!