February/March 2011

Guy Mariano, wallie frontside 50-50 transfer
Photo: Ben Colen

Working on the Video Days reunion got us thinking that it would be awesome to get one of the guys to go to one of the spots in the video and shoot a cover to coincide with the article. Guy Mariano stepped up to the plate and went back to the Beneficial building in Los Angeles where he had his last clip in the video doing the frontside ollie on the pillar and then a boardslide on the rail. This time though, he chose a different route from the pillar. He wallied up onto a tall, thin rail to 50-50 transfer. The pillar was so rough that it had to be attacked with a filmer board. That’s just some classic gnarliness from a classic skater. To make it all the sicker, you should start humming the Jackson 5 song, “ABC” or just start saying, ‘I, I, I…”

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