The F’East Rages On

Wednesday November 23rd –
More than 1500 kids packed the place – pirate announcer josh hyped up
the show and the entire crowd started hitting their skateboards on the
ground. Even the pro skateboarders were surprised by all the noise when
they walked in and the show started. The course was filled with our
guys and everyone was overwhelmed by all the great tricks. Some of the
tricks that were coming by; Rodrigo; hardflip 5-0 on the tall ledge,
nollie flip 5-0, Javier; switch tre flip 180 over the bank gap, Penny;
big spin heelflip and nollie flip to fakie over the bank gap, Appleyard;
tre flip noseslide on the bump to bump, Jani; kickflip nosegrinds on the
ledge and a massive switch tre flip over the 6 foot bump to bump, Eric
Fletcher; smooth switch flips, backside lips and frontside feebles and
David landed a huge frontside flip to flat over the bump to bump, and
Rune and Bob killed the vert ramp.

All the kids were hyped and many stated that they have never seen such
an amazing feat of skateboarding. Everything wrapped up around 11pm then
the whole crew headed back to the hotel for pizza and other fun



Click Here To See The Mayhem

Bastien-Kick Flip fakie Fakie