Firm Update

The Firm Team Update, Jan/ Feb 06
It’s coverage month here for The Firm. Thrasher, Transworld, Stuck, Chill Skate Mag, Flo Magazine, Disciple and Veronica Magazine are all featuring our riders and coming in June, Fuel TV footage from the November Flip/Firm F’east Tour of the Northeast…

Everyone knows Bob Burnquist is the Sultan of Switch, blasting big moves going backwards off vertical inclines higher than most people can do them regular. But the March 2006 Thrasher only adds to the legend of Bob Gnar with a 16-page interview full of some of the sickest tricks, and largest airs ever seen on the planet. Bob is definitely one of a kind, from doing the full loop in a natural pipe to making the corkscrew at his house. It’s like Thrasher says: “It’s Bob’s World.” If you haven’t had a chance to see his movie “The Reality of Bob Burnquist,” check it and watch him wreck it.

Following up his mega-interview in last month’s Transworld, Rodrigo TX has another interview in the French skate mag Chill. Also check the cool animated GIF sequence of Rodrigo.

Wieger is on fire. People love him all around the world. The Wiegs is down under at the moment with a Nike Tour, and he took part in the Global Assault contest. He has also been spotted all over Spain filming for a new Nike video. His first pro model is selling like hot cakes, so we decided to give him two new models. Check ’em at:

Javier Sarmiento also took a trip down under for the Global Assault contest. And his new Al Capone model is proving hard to keep in stock. Look for a signature wheel for Javier on Ricta, and ads featuring him as a team rider for Utility Board Supply.

Still nursing a tweaked knee, Lance Mountain has been going through therapy (which he hates) and working it back into shape. Lance was spotted at The SAD Bowl recently, showing that you can’t keep a good man down: ConcreteDisciples

Ray Barbee has interviews hitting the streets in Flo Magazine (with DVD and CD sampler included), Disciple Magazine from New York, and a Daily Habit interview on Fuel TV where he talks about his music, skating and shows some of his favorite music videos. Ray is also featured on the hour-long movie produced by John Humphries on Fuel TV, and has been filming for a Vans video and OP film. On the music front, he is playing in San Francisco this weekend at an art and music show sponsored by Thrasher Magazine and Daly City Records, is doing a three-day music tour in California and going to Japan for a week to support an album by The Blacktop Project which features him,, Matt Rodriguez, Tommy Guerrero, and Chuck Treece. And oh yeah, he is also working on a First Hand segment for Fuel, which is a TV documentary of an athlete.