Fred Gall Anatomy

Fred Gall Anatomy

Thumbs down

I was hiking in the mountains and I slipped on some moss. I put my hand out to save myself and landed on a jagged edge and nearly chopped off my thumb; it was hanging by skin. I cut all the ligaments and tendons and was a mile up a mountain, three hours from a hospital. I had to get 24 stitches and microsurgery. Then I was good.

Step Off

I was trying to grind an 11-stair rail against a wall with no run-up. I slipped off my board with no speed and landed on the last stair on my ankle sideways. It popped loudly and I thought I broke it. I actually tore all the ligaments, which is even worse than a break. I was out for six months and I got hot pockets for life. It sucks.

Vanilla Ice Brow

I was 10 and skating at my first contest. In the back of this park they had a parking block set off a loading dock and into a jump ramp (like a really ghetto rail). I boardslid the block but hung up on the back of the ramp and flew head-first onto my eye. I scrapped my eyebrow off and got a concussion. I had such a gnarly black eye forever. My teachers thought I was being abused.

Thug Life

Albany, New York, is pretty ghetto. I was drunk at night there and had my guard down. I got hit from behind with what I think was a brick. Whatever it was, it f**ked me up, and the dude tried to rob me but I didn