Go Skateboarding Day in NYC

Photos: Jonathan Mehring

Go Skateboarding Day was in full swing in New York City. Jonathan Mehring was able to get all the action from Flushing park, to a mass subway ride and ending with a Nike demo at the newly renovated Coleman skate park.

Aaron Suski and Luis Tolentino with the crowd.

The local talent getting some nosegrinds and front feebles.

Boards. Bros. Babe.

Everyone leaving Queens and heading to the Coleman park.

Steve Rodriguez and Aaron Suski on the train.

The subway is full of sweaty stinky skater kids. Backin it.

Suski is hyped!

Everyone heading to Coleman on the best form of transportation.

The updated Coleman park looks amazing and it’s packed.

Billy Rohan and The Muska

Todd Jordan and R.B. Umali

The Nike boys Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Ishod Wair and Stefan Janoski made it out.

Eli Reed in the house.

Stefan backtail.

Ishod front crook.

P Rod switch 360 flip.