Good Times Interview | Danny Gonzalez

Good Times Interview with Danny Gonzalez
Interview by: Tim Martinez

What was growing up and skating the streets of San Antonio like when you started?
Growing up and skating the streets of San Antonio was like being part culture that know one really understood but you and your friends. Back in the those days you were considered a weirdo, kook, out cast. But that’s the way we liked it cause we were all anti-establishment, you know!

Were there any good skate shops around in those times?
There were a few good skate shops around in those times, but hell I forget their names. But Gadzukes later turned into Goodtimes skate shop in 1992 and Goodtimes was more than a shop, it was friends that at times seem more like family. I miss those time terribly.

Fill us in briefly on the history of Good Times.
The history of Goodtimes came about threw these two guys named JB and Jason. They forked over the cash to buy the former shop (Gadzukes) and change it to their liking. At the Present moment Shorty and Mike own the shop now.

How long have you been skating for Good Times?
I have you been skating for Good Times since day one. “92”

Tell us how Good Times is different from other skate shops.
Goodtimes is different from other skate shops cause they predominately make all the funds from selling hard goods. It’s also a ground level shop that has never had any investors.
Does Good Times have a team?
Goodtimes does have a team that you can check out at

Do you feel that skate shops hold an important place in the industry and culture of skateboarding?
I do feel that skate shops hold an important place in the industry and culture of skateboarding. With out them, there wouldn’t be all the great adolescent memories of growing up as a skater in your town and without the skate shops to create that camaraderie, there would be no industry.

As a professional skateboarder, what role has the skate shop played in your career if any?
As a professional skateboarder Goodtimes skate shop was pivotal in my career for the sole reason of keeping me grounded, a sense of knowing where I came from type of thing.

I hear that you’ve been working on a ton of paintings, how long have you been exploring your artistic talents?
Working on art has been something that I have always done. My whole life really, I had art supplies long before I had a skate board. I suppose at this moment in my life I feel ready to show people. But I have always been uncomfortable with it (showing people).

Do you plan on doing any artwork for the skate world? Board graphics, apparel design, etc?
At the moment I’m just focusing on this showcase.

What’s one thing you want the skate community at large to know about Good Times?
At large I want the skate community to know Goodtimes has been around longer than your shop and will be here when your shops gone too. Here to stay, never look back!