Gravis Euro Tour Recap

Gravis Euro Tour

euro tour wrap up
“I’ve been searching every nightclub
From marais to montparnasse
Clouds above are crying
I’m a stranger you can trust
Heartaches I’m escaping
Love that’s gone insane
Fountains heal the heartache
Paris in the rain paris in the rain”

More like Europe in the rain!
Two weeks, a stacked team and some good old fashioned European spring time weather. This was the recipe to our poison.

The Gravis Euro Tour was to promote the release of Arto Saari’s new shoe. With a crew supremely stoked to be out of SoCal and into the old country: Nothing could stop us.

Har Har Har cries Mother Nature. She decided to spit on us for the majority of our tour and when mother nature spits the boys head to the pub. Pubbing aside, spots were found, tricks were put down and a damn good time was had by all.

Europe we love you and we will be back soon to pillage more tricks from your cobblestone laden streets. Big thanks to all the shops/parks that hosted us and friends that visited. Salut!

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