Greco’s Baker Re-Edit

Click to See “The Lost Greco Part”

Explain how this whole “lost Greco part” started.
Well I wanted to use this song, but I went temporarily insane and changed my video part about three times completely stressing out Andrew, Minor, and pissing off Robin. I like it to Chinese rocks, but this version captures what I felt like during the filming of the part, the various battles the ups and downs the happiness and sadness.

How many different edits are there?
There’s at least six, tried a few other songs out.

How did you edit this thing?
I basically just edited it together in my apartment, I just have Final cut 4 on an IMac G4 with a Laci 50 gig hard drive.

How many hours do you think you spent <
stressing on the computer?
100’s of hours , stressing, literally.

Any other crazy video projects you’re working on?
Yeah, there’s a secret montage called 50 kind acts by Jim Greco.
It is me stressing out on people, myself, me losing it, especially security guards. It’s gonna be funny.

Here’s a sequence from Greco’s last editing session.