Guest Blog: Ben Kilpatrick

Ben Kilpatrick interned with us this past summer and did a great job of helping us out here, so we wanted to showcase some of Ben’s photographic talents here with his very own guest blog. Ben is originally from Florida and just recently moved here to Southern California to live the dream and try an make it as a skate photographer and we’re backing him hard. So good luck Benny. And you can follow Ben on instagram @benkilpatrick where you can see more of his photography and see how much one man can hashtag the shit out of a photo. We love ya Ben!” — Jaime Owens

Eby Ghafarian – ollie over middle chair

While Eby was trying this, I sat uncomfortably on top of a 10 foot fence switching positions to change what parts of my ass I wanted to fall asleep. Tile to wooden roll-up and some slippery chairs made for a pretty awesome ollie! Definitely one of my favorite photos I’ve taken.

Bryan Schaefer- 5050

I was in Pensacola, Florida for a weekend to skate and hang out with some friends. While I was there, I met up with Bryan and some of his buddies earlier in the day. We cruised around the local park for a little bit and headed over to this spot. Bryan hopped up on this tall rail and got this 50.50 super quick!

Vincent Touzery- lien to backside tailslide

I took a trip to Paris early 2010 with Eby and Nabi Salomon for 12 days. Being from the east coast, Paris had some pretty perfect ground, but of course that wasn’t the only difference. You could even cruise the streets with beers–legally! What else do you need? The reason I used this photo for this feature is not only because I enjoy it, but also because my hard drive along with a ton of other things got stolen in Canada a few onths later. I thought I had backed up all of the photos from this trip, but somehow I had only saved the web edits. Don’t know how that happened, but I learned my lesson! If you ever go to Paris go to Nozbone Skateshop and ask for the Bloby’s!

Piro Sierra- Nollie

A few days before this photo was taken, Hurricane Irene ripped through New York with its measly 40mph winds, took this tree out of the ground, and forced the slab of concrete into a perfect bump. How nice of her! The lady on the right side of the frame was pretty much over us skating because it was loud. It¹s New York City, though! It¹s always loud! So we managed to get a good 45 minutes at this spot. Back to the whole getting robbed in Canada thing, our van got broken into twice and they decided to steal all my flashes as well. So here is Piro Sierra crushing it in some good ol’ natural light.

Leo Gutman- fs ollie

I was at work on the west side of Manhattan and got a phone call from Jayme Lemperle who was nearby with Leo Gutman. Jayme told me that he came across this spot that wasn¹t too far from work and wanted to get a photo there. Luckily, I was getting off of work soon and had my gear and board with me. On our way over, Jayme was explaining to me that the spot was at a construction site and the workers told them earlier they could come back later on during the day and skate it with no hassle. We arrived, moved the barriers out of the way, set a piece of shit plywood down, and tested out the run-up. Meanwhile, one of the construction workers came out and said hello, and told us we could use whatever we wanted in the site. One-time-only spots are the best. This is Leo Gutman with a floater of a front 180.

Solomon Mosley- frontside flip

I met Solomon a.k.a Junior through Donny Barley one summer day in New York. We all clicked super well the first day and skated together the rest of the time they were here. He is one of the best guys I have met since I started skating. I’m pretty sure we went to the courthouse this day and ended up making our way over to Blubba across the street. One thing I find interesting about Solomon is he doesn’t pop his fs flips, he scoops them and it never makes any noise! So just imagine this 6-foot-2 giant, hauling ass towards you, then the click clacking as he rolls over the ground. All of a sudden he’s in the middle of the air, you hear his feet catch the board, see him turn the last ninety degrees and sails past you. Junior is a beast!

Jonathan Ettman- front board pop-out fakie

This spot is in my hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. Jonathan came up to visit last time I was home and got a few photos. This spot is on Tennessee Street, one of the busiest roads in town. Jonathan had to wait for the slew of 5 o’clock traffic to come through each light before he could get another try. He did the front board to forward and then decided he wanted to do it to fakie too. Needless to say he did it and with some super good style. He is definitely one of my favorite people to watch on a skateboard.

Brian Downey- fs boardslide

I recently took a trip to San Francisco with Colin and Eby. I met them all here at Delores Park including Ben Gore and Leo Valls, but not after I walked uphill with a 50lb duffle bag, 30Ib camera bag and a skateboard. For some weird reason, I never thought about having to walk up the mountainous roads in SF, just going down them. Well, it sucked but I eventually got there! Colin was in the midst of filming a line with Brian and Asian tourists pulled up in a giant bus, stepped out and were gawking at Brian trying his trick. As I was taking photos of his front board I had an idea to follow the tourists back inside the bus but didn’t think I would be allowed to. Colin reinforced my thought to do it and so I followed, asked the driver, snapped a couple and walked out with this. Glad I went in!

Alex Conn- Nollie into bank

During the same trip to SF I met Alex, a dude who skates like a man but isn’t sponsored by anyone. He wanted to ollie into this bank from the stairs, which was pretty strange considering the angle you had to come from. He went on a solo mission with Colin to see if he could film an ollie into it. The security guard there had kicked them out as soon as he did the ollie, so we chilled a block away for about 10 minutes because he wanted to go back to nollie into it. As we waited, I set up the flashes down the block, had some friends carry them over with me and stick them in place. Alex started trying as soon I had the light the way I wanted it. About 10 tries in, the security guard came outside and told us we had to leave. Alex barged a good 6 more times and shot into the bank. Be on the lookout for this man.

Jerry Yates- smith grind

Jerry is one of the first guys I started photographing when I began shooting skateboarding in 2007. I’ve always enjoyed this photo and figured it belonged in this feature, considering he helped me progress in my beginning. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL in December. Let’s hope it heals soon, because I can’t wait to see him skate again!

Tim Thompson- backside nosegrind

This was taken around the same time as the photo above. This spot was pretty interesting. Mix a downhill run up, shit ground, narrow squeeze between metal boxes and concrete poles and you got a cool nosegrind!

Matt Town- kickflip

Colin was filming Matt’s line and he kept doing some super good kickflips off this little bump. So, I decided to take a few photos of Colin trailing behind Matt. I think it came out pretty cool.

Maurice Leeke- backside nosegrind 180

This Brooklyn spot was really unique. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen any footage or photos of it. I photographed it from the top of a fence so you could see the cut out where the board’s wheel had to go through, not to mention the composition looked cool. Mo’s axle kept scraping the inside of the cut-out and we had to wax the shit out of it. He pushed through it and got out smooth.

Jereme Knibbs- bs 5050 pop out

This spot was fucked. The roll-up was 2×4’s that were perpendicular to the direction he was skating. They kept bobbing up and down as he rolled up to the dumpster. He also had to squeeze between the scaffolding and the dumpster to get into the back 50. This spot just screamed sketchy. After a ton of awkward roll-ups Jereme committed to one. A security guard peeped his fat face out and went back inside. Three or four tries later Jereme popped off the dumpster and onto the ground clean.

Alex Fogt- nosepick

Alex doesn’t give a shit about anything. He skates what he wants and the way he wants to with his own sketchy style. Some friends and I went on a trip up to Delaware to document something Fogt had created. I kept hearing about it but hadn’t seen any photos of it yet. When I got there I was amazed! He spent days constructing his art studio into a kaleidoscope with a ramp inside. Only Fogt!