Guest Blog: Garric Ray

Words and Photos: Garric Ray

Over the years the one thing I’ve learned from being a skateboard photographer is that regardless of how hard I try to shoot a cool photo and to have it seen the light of day in print world, sometimes it simply won’t make the cut (no matter how good I think it is).

There are so many pitfalls that a skate photo can encounter these days. With the onslaught of web videos you’ll certainly lose a few gems to the internet gods simply because the footage was released before the photo. And let’s not forget the ABD factor as well. Since not all skate photographers tell one another what they’ve shot lately, you’re bound to end up shooting the same trick at the same spot as someone else and their photo was used first.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure that, for the above reasons and others, never seemed to find a home.