Handy with Shovels Interview

Interlude | Brian Lotti’s Mystery Tune

So as you know, Brian Lotti’s new movie, Free Pegasus, just came out. It’s been filmed in Barcelona BUT doesn’t for once consist of an US Attila-style spot invasion. Ever tried to just cruise down there? I know. Crazy, non hammer-oriented, idea. Anyway, I had a little hand in this project, more like half two fingers, and I would love to push it a little, in a Visual Sound fashion -Remember, skate flicks and music?

So I just lined up all of Brian’s video parts and tried to figure out what musically can be intriguing about them. His Ron Allen tune in Hokus Pokus? It is, but more about this later. There’s another one: the mystery tune on his groundbreaking Now’n’Later section -so groundbreaking that some moron once wrote a Wikipedia entry about Lotti, stating that “he pioneered skating in pants”-, actually coming from a 5-track demo cassette by a band that became legendary on the sole benefit of this very part : Handy With Shovels.
It took me a minute but I tracked down two members of this Stockton, CA-based outfit. Here’s what they have to say about the whole Now ‘n Later buzz.

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