Haunts | JT Aultz’s Carlsbad, CA

1. The Cantina
My cousin Andy owns this place. The Cantina Bar and Grill is the best place in Carlsbad. Good food, drinks and hot chicks. If you’re looking to party and have a good time, stop in for a few. The crabmeat sandwich kills it too. I really don’t go in there as much as I should, but I try to whenever I’m in the area.

2. The Garage
I recently turned my garage into a living room. We have TV, darts, a mini fridge, and original Nintendo in there. Now I don’t even have to go out. Lately it’s pretty much turned into my friend Edmond’s room and is starting to smell like old beer and ashtrays. This dude is insane; he drinks Natural Ice all day long and only eats fast food. He’s awesome.

3. Taco Truck
This is not exactly close to my house at all. It’s in Oakland and has some of the best tacos in the world. I stay in Oakland when I go up north to skate, and the taco truck is open at all hours.

4. Webb Park
This is the best skate spot of all time. It’s pretty much just a pathway now, but at one time it had ledges and stairs all over the place. It’s where I learned to skate and also where I met most of my close friends. Even though they were putting knobs on the last remaining ledge in the park the day I went to take this picture,
I don’t think I will ever stop skating this place.