Haunts | Levi Brown’s Phoenix

“If you’re not full yet get a Buttered tortilla and sprinkle it with sugar.”

Hole in the Rock
This is Hole in the Rock. It’s a big hole in a rock that faces southwest overlooking Phoenix. When you want to see an amazing sunset you cruise here, hike up the little mountain and enjoy the view.

Colored Walls
Colored Walls is this school a block from my house with great flatground and ledges with rounded tops. Whenever we can’t decide where to go skating we end up here.

Carolina’s is not in the ordinary neighborhood and you have to go out of your way to find it, but damn it’s good. The tortillas are handmade. Get your burrito double wrapped to prevent blowouts and to enhance the goodness. If you’re not full yet get a buttered tortilla and sprinkle it with sugar.

The Wedge
The Wedge is the classic AZ spot and my favorite skate spot to hang out at. It has everything: a great skate park (with no fence) that’s not crowded and has the best flatground. And surrounding the skate park are legit street spots too. “Fire up the bbq and bring some brews, we’re going to the wedge!”