Hurley Goes To Camp


Clockwise: Kris Markovich, Nilton Neeves, Aaron Astorga, James Atkins,

On the last week of June Woodward West skate camp played host to some of the Hurley team riders for a week of fun and skateboarding. Hurley team riders Kris Markovich, Nilton Neves, James Atkin, Lincoln Ueda and Alan Young along with Hurley Brazil’s Wagner and Rodolfo Ramos, Bruno Passos, as well as Hurley young guns Curren Caples, Donovon Piscapoe, and Nathan Groff were all on hand to shred the facilities.

The Hurley Team slingin’ some ink.

The trip started off at the Hurley head quarters where the crew all met up and jumped into the Hurley RV and hit the road up to camp. Traveling in the RV makes the time on the road much more enjoyable, watching movies like dodge ball and team America helped the time fly by and before we knew it we were at camp. Upon arrival at camp the crew immediately took to the outdoor concrete crater. The crater was in my opinion the best thing to skate a Woodward West, Team Pain did an amazing job in creating a functional design that caters to most all skill levels with a lot of great lines and options for everyone.

Kris Markovich-Indy Nosepick

The next few days at camp were spent chilling around the pool in the mornings and skating the concrete and the Hanger late into the night. Lincoln Ueda and Alan Young
destroyed the very ramp with huge airs and some big technical tricks. Lincoln’s one footed tail grabs were possibly higher than most anyone’s regular airs and Alan Young made paddles heel flip indy fakies look like a walk in the park. Alan Young also did a sick transfer from the mini bowl into the mini ramp over an 8” foot deck which separated the two. Rodolfo Ramos also ripped the mini bowl with huge kick flips to fakie in the corner of the bowl, Gugu also ripped the concrete crater with gnarly blunts to fakie on the pool coping vert wall and some smooth crail slides as well. Markovich also killed the pool coping vert wall in the crater with indy nose picks and long feeble grinds. James Atkin also dropped the hammer on the crete with sick front side alley oop disasters on the side of the pool coping wall.

Lincoln Ueda-Massive one footed-tailgrab, 10ft Kickflip Indy

Kris also gave the kids a run for their money in the hanger and proceeded to show them a thing or two when it comes to flip tricks up the euro gap. James Atkin also ripped the indoor setup with nollie big spins over the barrier as well as barrage of tricks up the euro gap. The kids were also throwing down some good tricks up the euro gap and down the main rail, Curren crooked grinded the rail easily and Donovon back lipped it several times while Nathan worked on his 360 flips up the euro gap. On our last night the crew took some time to shoot some tricks with Dave Metty who is currently working on a video for Woodward so keep you’re eyes out for this project, it should be good one.

All in all our week at Woodward West was fun and everyone enjoyed hanging out and skating with each other. We would like to give a big thanks to Buzzy for being a great host and taking good care of everyone, not to mention Buzzy rips and was fun to skate with. He also lent us his car for three days which saved our ass. A big thanks goes out to the entire Woodward staff and we look forward to visiting Woodward West again soon.


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