Hella Hella NorCal Show


1st Place $1000.00
2nd Place Mad Product Yo
3rd Place A Bunch of Product
The one and only Rodzilla will be on the M-I-C

Well it’s finally time for us to have our annual contest. I am proud to present CALISKATZ second annual contest to be held October 14, 2006 at the Ripon Skatepark. The Hella Hella Nor-Cal Show will feature the top skateboarders in primarily Northern California. The contest is open to whoever would like to enter. You do not have to be from California! This is not your average contest. This is for $1000.00 people bring your stunts, guns, hammers whatever you want to call them just make sure you bring them. Just check out the pictures of the Ripon Skatepark here. Also check out the video clips here (Hella Hella 2005 Clips). Now with that stuff being seen you know what you are getting into. You can enter the contest the day of the event. If you are under 18 Years old please bring your parent with you. We are urging people to get there at 10AM to warm up and reserve your spot. You may also download the contest waiver fill it out in advance save us all some time.

**Don’t forget about all the free product we will be giving out all day long. We will have everything decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, clothing, shoes and more..

Demo: 10:00AM