I Heart Skateboarding Video Premiere Photos

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

The local LA video I Heart Skateboarding premiered last night in downtown Los Angeles. There was a surprising turn out for it. So many people showed up that they had to do 2 showings and still not everyone got in. The energy for this video was so rad. People were going crazy before, during and after the video. It’s so sick to see this pure passion for skateboarding on a smaller level compared to a big company video. Besides the passion and energy from the crowed, the video was so sick. These dudes put it fucking down! Make sure you pick up a copy when they becomes available.

A huge turn out.

So many people want to see this video.

The man behind the video, Ira Ingram, giving a little speech before the video.

The fellas that make up I Heart Skateboarding: Ira Ingram, Tony Karr, Mikey Chim, Ray Yzguerra (photographer), Dan Knapp, Norman Woods and Josh Sierra. (Gustavo Morales not pictured)

It’s started.

The crowed goes nuts for the last trick in the video. Holy shit!


Premiere Flyer: