IN ‘N’ OUT | Mikey Taylor

Ive always been into filming. When we were all young, I was the one filming
and making the sponsor-me tapes. I remember when we were kids, Spanky and I
would go on little missions filming for his sponsor-me tape. It was pretty

For some reason, I was never into transition when I was a kid. Probably
cause there were way too many ledges out here. Then I met Malto and it
changed my whole perception of it.

I never cared to shoot photos for some reason. I must have taken a good
photo on accident and just got really psyched on it! Weirdest part is, my
dad shoots photos for a living and now all the sudden 20 something years
later Im like, Hey dad, can you hook me up with a camera?

I swear Im like a magnet to these people. I get pulled over for the
stupidest things like stopping past the limit line, and yes I got a ticket.
I was leaving The Berrics the other day and three cops blocked-in my car.
They thought I was robbing something. I didnt even have to try and describe
this one. I could have just said cops and every skater wouldve already felt
my pain.

Newbury Park
This is the city I live in. I have a love- hate relationship with it.
Theres a skatepark here and now, on Mondays and Wednesdays, you cant skate
there. Its scooter day. Like the skateparks not bad enough as is.

I think its ridiculous that it takes almost 50 bucks to fill up an Acura.
Its not very fun when you live an hour from L.A. and your trying to skate
out there everyday. It gets really expensive. I guess
hybrid is the way to