Insight Tour Day 1

7am arrival at InSIght HQ for scheduled 9am departure
Depart 1pm
Headed towards to Newcastle.
Street skated at Charlestown
From cider drinking chubby mutant children ie: confused youth, Mumma borrows a chain and padlock as a necklace.

Sad emo children seen playing with a ball of fire from the anarchist cook book.

Brass appears on an MTV interview in an incredible pose.

Daniel tosses his rotten carcass down a massive double set.
Immediately after daniel’s landing we were told that anything captured should be deleted by an overweight woman out of breath from walking 20 yards.

Went to Bar Beach just south of Newcastle City
The bus shows up complete with surfers, bus broads and beer.

Mumma shoots his ad in the dark – everybody’s partying. everyone was there!

Head to Stockton Beach – Set up Camp.
At camp set up – Children sleeping bags – “splats” are handed out
Dinner at RSL – (Retired Servicemen legion).
Insight’s surfer Warren Smith wins $300 on the pokies – this does not take the sting away from the chill that sets in back at camp.
A small crew of us collect shells on a lonely beach then Justin and Daniel share a walk on the jetty which is cut short by Justin’s diarrhea.
Insight’s skate mum: Shannon, gets her tent customized with artwork – (4 wieners)
Most crew then sleep.
Andrew and Brass chew pingoos with legendary aussie surfer Shane Herring which then leads to a tai chi lesson at 3am.