Insight Skate

::INSIGHT has deep surf history, but we’ve always been down with SKATE.

The promise of eternal happiness and a colorful future has led the following human beings to lend their skating abilities and join forces with ::INSIGHT, thus creating a small, tightly knit family of absolute SHRED!… Jose Rojo, Brian Brown, Daniel Shimizu and Justin Cefai (from USA), Vaughn Baker (UK), plus JJ Rousseau (FRA) – all recently returned from a voyage to Australia for a mind bending and physically pulverizing mission to shoot the next ::INSIGHT skate campaign.

The boys met up with their Australian counterparts and ::INSIGHT’s deepest skate roots; Ben Barretto, Rhys Grogan, and Nick Boserio. Abandoned buildings and burned out warehouses, along with public property, were completely abused by the ::INSIGHT skaters on this trip. Together with the always-amazing Art Department at Head Quarters in Sydney, the crew set out on a string of guerilla set productions. The trail left behind could only provoke onlookers to question their sanity. Keep your eyes peeled for the campaign trailer and the editorial exposure to unveil just how ridiculous this initiative became.

::INSIGHT is currently running its Dead Modern campaign around the world, which you can view on