Interview | Brendan Cathcart

Brendan Cathcart

Interview by Keir Johnson

Photo by Chris McDonald

Brendan is one of the new faces making noise on the East Coast. Currently
taking the summer to shred his hometown, Washington D.C., as much as
possible, he’s been on a mission, working on several projects at once, and
still finds time to work on graphic design and other activities when he’s
not busy. With some early coverage already handled, he’s been stockpiling
footage to add megabytes to those hard drives. Known to come up with some
interesting tricks at spots, he’s got a good eye and skates with plenty of
speed and tenacity. Recently featured on the first of many clips to come
for the Red Bull Jersey Wall Contest, Brendan’s surely got some more tricks
up his sleeve. Also working on an upcoming Danzed In DC episode, he’s got
some slick HD footage messing around on a pole jam as well. And with that
being said, we caught up with Brendan to get the latest.

Brendan, what are your basic stats?

I am 19 years old, I live in Bethesda, MD just 20 minutes outside the city.
Right now I am skating for Elite/Palace 5ive Boardshops and Catalyst

Who are you usually skating with these days?

I skate with who ever is at Pulaski and the whole P5 crew.

What’s the latest going on for you these days with skating?

Right now we are in the finishing stages of making Palace 5ive’s first
video, “Mumbo Sauce”. It is going to be amazing! At the end of the summer
I’m moving into the city (Washington D.C.) cause I will be starting my first
year of college at The Corcoran College of Art and Design. Those are the
two biggest things going on with me right now but I hope to go on some skate
trips and rack up footage for whatever future projects that head my way.

What are your favorite spots to skate around here?

Of course all the old D.C. spots that everyone knows and loves like Pulaski
Park and the Welfare Banks, but recently we have been venturing out of the
downtown area to find new stuff to skate, and I gotta say its been working
out pretty well.

What about the whole East Coast?

Outside of D.C. I really enjoy Philly and NYC spots, frequent trips to those
city’s are a must during the summertime!

Do you have any interesting Zach Lyons story?

Yea, that guy is funny. For whatever reason he has come up with the
nickname “Piglet” for me. He won’t tell me why he started calling me that
but I guess nicknames could get alot worse so I’m down for it.

What do you think skateboarding will be like in 10 years?

Go watch “Back to the Future II”. Companies will be trying to make the
hover board just like the one Marty has in that movie.

Haha, probably, ok folks you’d like to thank?

Shout out to Brad Rosado and Greg at Palace 5ive, Allen Danze, Charlie,
Shaun Gregoire, Zach Lyons, Jeremy Murray, Chris McDonald for the photo,
Skateboarder Magazine and everyone else I skate with.


Check out more footage of Brendan HERE