Interview | Jeremy Murray

words by: Keir Johnson

Jeremy Murray is a younger guy from the same town as Lance Dawes right
outside of Washington D.C. Popping up on the scene this year he’s recently
caught the attention of Expedition and jumped on their flow team. With a
cool part in the new Palace 5ive/Elite Skate Shop video, “Mumbo Sauce” and
some more parts in the works he’s got a nice looking future ahead of him.
We caught up with Jeremy, who’s completing his senior year in high school,
to talk a little about skating, school, and more, enjoy!

Jeremy, can you give us your basic info?

I’m 17 years old, from D.C., but I sleep in Maryland. I skate mainly around
the city (D.C.) and at K-Town, which is a local TF and the closest to a
skate park that I get to.

What’s skating at Pulaski been like lately?

Pulaski is the best, but lately there has been a lot of wack park police
rolling past, it sucks but you can get a good session in every once and a
while. There have been a lot of heads coming through not only to Pulaski
but to all of D.C. and also a lot of younger kids have been coming downtown
lately which is sick! Only thing is, a lot of these kids are coming down
because they just finish watching the “Kick Push” video, which is not so
sick, but other than that been loving skating at Pulaski and learning new

Sick, so is “Mumbo Sauce” your first real part?

I guess you can say “Mumbo Sauce” was my first real video part. I was super
psyched on the entire video, everyone worked pretty hard and it shows in the
video! Most of the filming I did was with Brad Rosado, he pretty much made
the video, did most of the filming and all of the editing.

Cool, so what’s it like being in high school these days with the popularity
of skating and everything? When I was in school in the mid 90’s hardly
anyone skated, now its almost common!

Being is high school sucks! When I was a freshmen 3 years ago, all of these
fake wanna be ghetto kids would talk trash about me because I skated. They
would talk about my kicks because they’d never seen skate shoes before. I
guess when you’re ignorant about something you hate on it? But anyway, I’m
psyched that more kids are skating, but a lot of those kids are skating for
all the wrong reasons! One of them being wack MTV shows. Now some of those
same kids come up to me everyday in school and ask me where I got my shoes,
shirts and everything! Sometimes they want to know where they can buy a
board or some Nike SBs and all kinds of other stuff. So I guess you could
say I don’t know how I feel about this popularity around skating, seem like
it could be a very good thing or a very bad thing for skating…

Guess we’ll just see where it goes. Now, whats your SKATE game like, I know
you like to play with guys here in D.C., tell me a little about that.

SKATE is fun, I play Zach Lyons every so often. I will win some games
against him, but he’s pretty much a beast so its a real task to play him! I
don’t really play Bobby Worrest in SKATE too often, but he’s sick. I don’t
really have a bunch of tricks that no one else can do or anything, but when
I do play SKATE sometimes I got some switch tricks put some people off haha.
The hardest games of SKATE I’ve played recently are with Nick Duclos aka Lil
Nick, he doesn’t miss tricks! If you don’t know who he is you will soon!

Yeah, I like his “Danzed in DC” episode. Now who are the companies that
currently hook you up?

I just got on Expedition One skateboards flow. Also DC shoes, The Hundreds
Clothing and Elite Board Shop/Palace5. I want to send a big shout to
Elite/P5 for helping me out a lot with sending my footage out to the right
people. Also, Brad Rosado has helped me out a lot by filming and putting my
footage together.

Sick, so what are you working on now after “Mumbo Sauce”?

A few different things, once of which you can see more about here:

Word, so you’re a senior in high school, what are you going to do after you

Haha my mom asks me that on the daily now, but I guess go to college, keep
skating hard and enjoying life! Where ever those things take me, so be it!

Ok, if you could travel anywhere you want next summer, where would you go
and who would you bring with you?

I’d go to Barcelona and skate all buttery ass ledges until my legs didn’t
work anymore and I’d bring all my homies to shred with me!

Alright Jeremy, congrats on Expedition and your “Mumbo” part, have any

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