Interview | Randy Ploesser

Interviewed by: J.R. Racine and Steve Haring

1. how old are you?
assisted living is right around the corner.

2. where are you currently living?
I’ve been back in St. Louis off and on but i’ve been traveling a lot and trying to dodge rent. Gets tiring sometimes but its necessary for now. Hell, maybe forever.

3. What is your board setup?
8.25 board, 53 mm bones stf wheels, old trucks hopefully.

4. Whats good about skating in St. Louis?
Low Stress, easy to get around, our spots, friends. People actually like me there, believe it or not.

5. Biggest rail done?
Dude, like, so big.

6. favorite skater?
with shoes Joe Jackson from St. Louis. LIterally the best.

7. Best strip club you’ve been to?
When I do find myself at a strip club I’m usually to the point where i’m not going to remember it anyway. I was just in Portland and it seems like titty bars are more common than boring normal bars where the woman are “clothed” or whatever. Some real talent up there. I really dont go often at all, i don’t want to seem like more of a scumbag than I actually am.

8. Best thing about Matt Ball?
The things that happen after he slams two old english forties just to kick off the night. Hes pretty boring other than that.

9. Best skate trip?
The last trip I went on with Ezekiel in the Northwest was really good, thats probably the most relaxed trip i’ve been on with a team. I’ve been on a lot of trips in my day, the ones with friends and no frills are always the best.

10. Banks, Rails, Gaps, or Ledges?
I like “california games” on Nintendo kind of spots. Avoiding sidewalk cracks and banana peels for extra points, trying not to hit rollerskaters or dogs, a lot of girls in bikinis, spots like that.

11. What do you think about Steve Haring?
Mediocre team manager, totally said he’d make me a star. Has a sense of humor that would piss most normal people off, pretty mean back tail.

12. Why are you so good at No-Complys?
Reference my comment about assisted living. Its probably the laziest variety of tricks you can do.

13. Shout outs? What up, Homies.

14. Who you skating with these days?
Whoever can stand watching me either give up on something after three tries or try for two hours with limited results. In the past few days i’ve been skating with Broussard and Mark Stewart (awesome filmer from Tennessee) around LA, man we have sucked but we have a lot of fun.

15. Filming for any new videos?
My part in “the beginning” was pretty much a career-maker. I think anyone would agree i’m totally chillin’ for at least 10 years off that one.

16. How do you feel about Mike Stansfield’s mustache?
I don’t really feel about it. There are probably some very strange, and possibly dangerous critters nesting in there. You would probably need a machete and a team of experts to feel about it. All i know is that he shaved it off once and it kind of freaked me out.

17. Favorite thing about being on Birdhouse?
I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. Let me count the ways.

18. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I have a very detailed ten year plan stored away in my massive library of leather bound books, I pull a page out once every couple months, read it, and then wipe my ass with it. Keeps me on my toes.