Introducing Mike Mo Capaldi Hex Backpack & iPhone 5 Case

Hex just released a collaboration backpack and iPhone 5 case with Mike Mo Capaldi that offers everything you might need for a skate trip or any traveling for that matter. Click the image below to watch a day in the life video featuring Mike Mo showing off how convenient his new backpack and iPhone case are.

And keep your eyes peeled because next week we will be giving away Mike Mo’s new backpack on the site!

Continuing in our tradition of bringing fashion to function, today we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with family member Mike Mo Capaldi to create a signature two-piece product line just in time for this year’s Back to School shopping season. The new Mike Mo Backpack and Mike Mo iPhone 5 Core Case seamlessly blend the worlds of skateboarding and fashion in a way that allows for sleek style and maximum protection of one’s digital devices while rapidly being on-the-go.” -HEX


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