Jake Donnelly Is Pro

Real turned Jake Donnelly pro this weekend while on their Skatepark Roundup Tour of California. We headed up to Stoner plaza to check out the festivities and hang with the boys. Good times as always and a big congrats to Jake. Well deserved. Jake’s a solid ripper!

These love birds, Jim Thiebaud and Mic-E Reyes with Rob Brink photobombing.

JT Aultz and Massimo Cavedoni

Berronte Ramirez aka “Buckwheat” and Alex Midler

Here comes the pie to the face for the incoming freshman.

Justin Brock making sure Jake always remembers the day he turned pro.

Congrats Jake!

More photos below by Justin Crawford:

Ishod, boardslide up. Photo: Justin Crawford

Na-Kel, frontside crook. Photo: Justin Crawford

Dennis Busenitz, backside lipslide. Photo: Justin Crawford

The kids racing around the ice rink. Photo: Justin Crawford

Jake got pied. Photo: Justin Crawford

Manny Slays All was there. Nollie heelflip. Photo: Justin Crawford