Jamie Palmore Web Interview

Interview: Senrud

The Mafia video just premiered. How do you feel about your part?
I was definitely unsatisfied with my skating. I love the way Nick Lamm put it together though. In my mind I feel like I let myself down but it just makes me more determined to put in work.

Was that your first full part or did you have one in Like Brothers?
Nah, this was my first actual part.

Who killed it the hardest?
Everybody killed it. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Were you one of those kids who could grow a beard before you turned 16?
Yeah, I never grew it out though, not until I got in touch with my inner mountain man

How did that help the lady situation?
A lot of girls don’t dig it but the ones that do are down.

Who are some of your favorite fellow redheaded skateboarders?
Walker Ryan

Do you have a job aside from skateboarding?
I should really be looking for one seeing as how I’m not getting paid by anyone, but f**k, all I want to do is skate.

How’s the SD skate scene these days?
It’s laid back. There’s a lot of talent emerging everyday.

How would you describe SD to someone who’s never been there?
The weather is amazing, the girls are amazing, the people are diverse, there’s mad spots to be found or resurrected.

Is there a lot of local beef?
Nah, not at all, everyone’s down for each other through my observations.

Who are your picks for top 5 SD shredders?
I can’t even begin to answer this question. I can sit here all day and list shredders.

How about top 5 parks down there?
I can only think of two that I really enjoy skating, Poway and Memorial.

You’re pretty good friends with Jimmy Cao. How long have you two been kicking it?
We’ve been kickin’ it since I can remember. I owe a lot to Jimmy. With me having no money most of the time and at times unmotivated, Jimmy will be there to swoop me up and inspire me to skate. Without him I wouldn’t have filmed a lot of the shit I’ve filmed or met the people I’ve met. He’s the man for sure.

How serious do you think people should take skateboarding?
It depends on what you want out of skating. If you want to make a career out it I would think you should take it kind of serious, but If you let skating get to the point where it stresses you out then you’re doing it all wrong.

Besides injury, what’s a surefire way to ruin a session?
Dealing with cops, dealing with people who will never understand why we do what we do.

What’s a way to make sure it’s awesome?
The homies laughing, having good times and ripping. No complaining, just skating.

What’s up with SK858?
SK858 is a second family, the homies that I’ll ride and die with. The people that understand life to be lived in love, a Rasta understanding. The name just came around one day and stuck. I don’t know who came up with it exactly but 858 is an area code in San Diego. It’s no gang or territory thing or anything like that; sk858 is just a name. There’s no exclusion, anyone is welcomed.

What’s next for you? Videos, trips, what you got?
Hopefully go on some trips, skate everyday, keep it new. See what comes my way.

You got any shout outs, call outs, thank yous or words of wisdom?
SK8MAFIA, SK858, & VOX. Thank you to everyone has helped me in anyway.