Danny Gonzales Now on Jart

On June 12th, Spanish skateboard powerhouse
Jart Skateboards, signed it's first US pro, Danny Gonzalez. This is a
monumental move in the history of the company. The decision to sign a Danny
also signifies the beginning of Jart's launch into the US skate market.

JM Roura, the European Team Manager stated, "Danny's style and inventive
approach to skateboarding is a great compliment to the team".

Jart's current pro roster consists of JM Roura, Orlando Acosta, JP
Troullier, Eero Antila, Bastien Salabanzi, Mark Frolich, Mathieu Dupuey, Jan
Kliewer and Danny Gonzalez

About Jart Skateboards:
Jart Skateboards was formed in 2000 and has grown into Europe's strongest
skateboard brand. The Jart skate team boasts some of the biggest names in
the European skate scene. Jart is also a manufacturer of quality decks,
producing all products in the Basque region of Spain.

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