Jart Skateboards Launches in LA

Jart Skateboards Launches HLC SB Distribution in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA.- Jart Skateboards hailing from the Basque region of Spain has grown into a European powerhouse. Jart Factory produces quality OEM decks for skateboard companies across Europe while selling its own brand under the name of Jart Skateboards. Jart has witnessed tremendous growth since forming in 2000. On top of manufacturing their own hard rock Canadian maple decks, their team is comprised of the best skaters across Europe.

Although the company has never sold its products in the US, Jart has rallied major buzz through the last 12 months in the States. In September 2007 Jart was awarded a spot in Surf Expo’s (Orlando, FL) “Launch” section, which recognized the years top ten brands. Shortly after they made power moves with their team roster by adding French superstar Bastien Salabanzi followed by the companies first US pro Danny Gonzalez. And finally, In June 2008 Jart sent 6 of their EU riders for a 3-week Southern California tour.

With all of the praise, buzz and hype that the company has received in the last year, Jart decided the time is right to open offices in Los Angeles, CA. The office will be used as a call and shipping center. Jart has also enlisted the expert help of Imagine Marketing Agency (IMA) to facilitate all sales and marketing procedures for the company through their International Brand Management Program.

Tim Martinez, Director of Business Development at IMA stated, “In the skateboard industry it is fairly common for US brands to expand into the European market. With Jart it’s the opposite, but the rules have changed. What works for an American company selling in Europe doesn’t translate vice versa. We are creating a full-scale program for Jart that will position themselves to be as much, if not more, of a powerhouse in the States as they are in Europe. Jart’s launch into the US is a historic move in the history of skateboarding and we’re proud to be a part of it.“

HLC SB Distribution, the umbrella for Jart Skateboards, Iron Trucks (Jart branded trucks manufactured in Europe) and Tricks Skateboards (Price point completes) will make its official launch into the U.S. at this years September 2008 ASR. Jart will also be hosting a launch party at the Jade Theatre in Downtown San Diego on September 4th and a full-blown mini-ramp jam at Jim Bell’s warehouse on September 5th.

For more information or to set ASR appointments call HLC SB Distribution at (626) 293-8940, or stop by booth #3620 to pick up a catalog.

Jart can be found online at JART SKATEBOARDS.

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