Jereme Rogers Naked Drug Fueled Party Part Deux

(video not of Jereme Rogers)

Yesterday, The NY Daily news posted a story claiming that Jereme Rogers had been arrested after a brief rampage through the Afinia Shelburne hotel in Midtown. At first I assumed they must have just caught wind of Jereme’s similar outing from the past in which, inspired by hallucinogenic mushrooms, he stormed to the roof of his Redondo Beach apartment to give an evening sermon in his birthday suit. The event caused Jereme to publicly swear off mushrooms. Alas, yesterday’s headline placed him 3,000 miles East and in a different venue, with supposedly new antics involved, and supposedly a new catalytic substance.

According to reports by ESPN and the New York Post, Jereme was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief and Illegal Possession of marijuana after he barreled through the halls of the hotel, ripping down and stomping paintings from the wall, causing security, then police, to be called.

Say no to drugs kids.