Viewfinder | Johnny Knoxville

“He’s probably the meanest little bastard I’ve ever seen.”

1. I love this kid. He’s probably the meanest little bastard I’ve ever seen. He came dressed like this to my daughter’s basketball game at the Y and attacked anyone who made eye contact with him. What spirit!

2. I took this shot in Tokyo. It’s a “Geijin Costume.” Geijin is a negative term Japanese people used to use for “Whitey.” I referred to myself this way the whole time we were in Japan, and the Japanese people loved it!

3. My girlfriend is half-Japanese, so I made this pumpkin for her on Halloween. Pretty good, huh?

4. This guy’s name is Psycho and he is a BMX rider that Mat Hoffman has a shit ton of respect for. He actually gave him this “F**k It” cape during the tribute to Evel Knievel we did with Mat for MTV. Psycho is rad, and Mat is my hero.

5. I asked my daughter to lie down next to this poster that I made of Jackass director Jeff Tremaine, and this was her response.