Jose Rojo Tuesday 25

1. City for skating:
San Jose

2. Pro skater when you were a kid:
Eric Koston and Rick Howard

3. Actor/Actress:
Patrick Swayze and Crispin Glover

4. Band/musician:
Michael Jackson RIP

5. Skatepark:
Da Red Park in SJ

6. Fishing spot:
Clear Lake and the Sacramento Delta

7. Question you get asked at a demo:
Can you Laser?

8. Restaurant:
Plaza Gerabaldi (Mexican paradise!)

9. Quote:
“They only live to get radical.” Patrick Swayze in Point Break

10. Sports team:
San Jose Sharks, Golden State Warriors

11. Vacation destination:
Costa Rica!

12. Skate shoe:
Jameson 2’s (Etnies)

13. Childhood memory:
Crawdad fishing with my buddies!

14. Food:
Mexican, Sushi, Pho’

15. Movie:
RoadHouse and Point Break

16. Mexican Stereotype you embody:
Lawnmower man!

17. San Jose skate spot:
Dixon Landing

18. TV show:

19. Jeans brand:

20. Song:
“What was it you wanted” by Willie Nelson

21. Costume party memory:
Dressed like Slash from guns and Roses and peeing my pants and barfing

22. Tilt moder:
Caswell Berry!

23. Skate web site:
Crailtap and

24. Non-skate, non-porn website:

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Greatest job!

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