K5 Game of Skate Winners

The 5th annual K-5 Game of Skate started out with a bang here in Poway with over 40 skaters eager to unleash their never ending bag of tricks. Right off the bat eyes were drawn to Groms like Diego Najera and Will Fyock who took over the Previous Game of Skate in Encinitas. And we can’t forget the Local boys, Brendan Villanueva and K-5 rider Conner Getzlaft , who were constantly throwing down huge tricks challenging each of their opponents.

Heat 1 of the 16 and under division was stacked. Diego and Brendan V pushing each other further, until Brendan takes him out with a huge kick flip to fakie on the quarter pipe, while Aaron Gomez and Will Fyock breeze through their heats creating a Big Final. Aaron Gomez and Will Fyock put up a Valiant Effort, but it was Brendan Villanueva who walked away with first, knocking Aaron out with a blunt slide on the flat bar and finally giving Will Fyock his last letter with an impressive Christ air off the back of the Quarter pipe.

To spice things up we added a best trick contest before the final, which was a 10 minute, Jam sesh, to see who can throw down the biggest trick on the quarter pipe. The jam was a mad house each skater racing back and forth pulling out all kinds of new and creative tricks. By the 9th minute is was a pretty close call, until Brendan V. races toward the quarter pipe with loads of speed and hucks a Huge backside 360 off the back, sealing the win.

By about 2pm the Sun was searing down and the open division was underway. Thanks to the MC-ing of Danny Gorman, spirits were high under this heat and no skater skipped a beat. Each heat showed plenty of talent to where anyone could take it. In the End it was Cayden Riebe, Kyle Kolad, Joseph Mairenn, Conner Getzlaft and of course the golden boy Brendan V who will face each other in the final. With each rider proving their spot in the final, the heat started out huge. As soon as you thought there was a matchless trick thrown down, all skaters would come through taking the skill to the next level. But it was Joseph Mairenn and Brendan V, who stole the show, Dishing out letters left and right.

Brendan with a clean Blunt 180 takes out Kyle Kolad and Cayden Riebe, while Joseph’s massive feeble grind down the kinked death rail gives Getzlaft his last letter and ties the score up with Brendan creating a one on one battle for the 1st place position. Joseph controlling the last few tricks, slaying both the rail and box switch. Joseph finally takes home the win with a proper switch smith grind on the flat bar.

Congratulations to this year’s winners. K-5 would like to thank all the Vendors, skaters, and Fans who came out to support this annual event and helped produce a great day of skateboarding.

Go to www.k5.com to check out some photos of the event