Keep A Breast

Keep a Breast has set up this one-of-a-kind online charity auction showcasing painted plaster breast casts from the most influential men and women in the skateboarding industry to raise funds for breast cancer research, treatment and prevention programs. 100% of proceeds will go to help fund the Keep A, breast cancer youth education and awareness programs. caught up with Matt Dove to ask about his involvement in the painting of Chest molds.

How did Keep A Breast approach you about lending your art to their cause?

Desiree’Astorga asked me to be involved and I said yes.

What was you first reaction when you found out you would be painting a cast of a girls chest?

Well, I remember last years drive so I figured it was going to be another series of chest molds. Chest mold, that always makes me laugh, like an old moldy sea chest or something.

What challenges did the 3 dimensional plaster medium present?

Just prep. I paint on all sorts of objects normally, but the surface was
rough, needed to be sanded with some layers of primer for my idea. I guess it’s all how you pant your piece. Besides that, it wasn’t the shape that was difficult; it was the theme/cause, pretty heavy battle.

Your piece follows the natural lines of the bust explicitly, did the
shape of the casting inspire your artwork or was this piece adapted
from a previous work.

-The shape definitely guided my design, from the pieces I have seen, I
believe most people used the cast